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- : 09.06.13 07:40
If somebody is interested - Shimon knows my email. Though I believe the favour of gods is on our side and it's too early to quoth "Nevermore!", I have to tell that it were the unique studies and a great pleasure, gentlemen, to follow your debates and it was an honour for me to take part in them. I want to say Thank but I don't want to say Farewell to you.
shimon - shimon: 09.06.13 12:24
By the way, who knows why the site allows Latin letters but not Cyrillic ones?
Дмитрий Власов - dvlasov: 09.06.13 14:53

Ошибка в скрипте генерации заголовка html при описании скриптов jquery.

shimon - shimon: 09.06.13 21:52
And how did it work earlier? Was the script suddenly changed? And how did you succeed in answering my post, whereas I can't answer any?
Дмитрий Власов - dvlasov: 10.06.13 02:22

Я подменил текст html на правильный перед загрузкой в свой браузер - все работает.  

Причина непонятна. Внешнее вмешателсьтво для изменения кода маловероятно.

Скорее всего переполнение стэка или неправильная логика ветвления цикла в программе.

 Должно правиться легко, но у Марка, вероятно, уже нет технической поддержки сайта. 

shimon - shimon: 10.06.13 03:10
Perhaps you could help us to do the same?
shimon - shimon: 10.06.13 03:16
By the way, I tried to enter the site from a different browser, with the same result. But stacks are different for different browsers, and the one I tried has never worked with this site. So it's probably not the stack overflow problem.
Alex - alexmf: 10.06.13 04:50
I do not think we have BROWSER stack overflow - it reveals itself usually in different manner. I guess the SERVER generates wrong script declaration (as it was described by Dmitry earlier - thank you Dmitry), so the server code must be fixed.
Андрей - 9682256: 11.06.13 05:01
My e-mail: 1670911@gmail.com
URA - tsusima05: 11.06.13 17:18
Have absolute confidence that Mark Semenovich notified to us that the problem is very difficult to be solved. So everything is fine. A renovation of the site was planned long ago.
Alex - alexmf: 12.06.13 00:14
Dear URA, I like your "everything is fine". :=) Only notification from Mark Semenovich I was able to find was "I'm fairly warned - my site on its last legs, copy the text you need !" and nothing about "problem is very difficult to be solved". If Dmitry is correct (and I am sure he is) the problem is not so difficult, but to solve it one must have control over web server side code. Most likely, Mark Semenovich currently has no technical support. To obtain it, maybe some money could help.

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